Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shutterfly ROCKS!!!

Okay, so as all of you know I LOVE pictures. I love to take them..I love to see them, I love to scrapbook them. I also love companies that continually make me want to be a return customer. That, my friends, is shutterfly. I have had the opportunity of creating several gifts for good friends via their website ( and I was beyond pleased with the quality I received. I am excited to be creating my newest project through them...CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! They have some of the most adorable is really hard to chose "just one", so I need all of you to chose other designs and use them on your cards..a win win for me because then I get to see the cutest designs showcases the families and friends I love!!! Here is their link:
Christmas cards are always a labor of love for me. I dwell on the tiniest detail, the color palet, the design and layout. My favorites in years past have shown a flair for who our family is..unique and fun. I have been browsing the card aisles to incorporate our newest family scenario: being an ARMY family. I have found the simplicity is key, and shutterfly has helped me find a design that I know I will be excited to send on to all of you!They also have holiday cards to incorporate a New Years wish as well: .

PLUS...the greatest promotion: "Bloggers get 50 free Christmas Cards!!!!" sign up now..

Playing catch up

Yes, it has been months...
Yes, a lot has happened...
Yes, I REALLY have neglected my blog.

Okay, with that out of the way. LOL. We aren't going to bore you to tears with the last months of life here at Ft. Lee. In a nutshell...we LOVE it here. I will update with lots of pics so you can see the changes in my little ones...and there are LOTS. Here is a TOP 10 of our favorite things that have happened to our family since moving to Ft. Lee, Virginia in June.

1o. We were able to move into a BRAND NEW home on post. (literally the keys were handed over from the contractor to the housing office the day we got the call to come get them!)

9. Virginia is BEAUTIFUL. We have enjoyed the amazing trees and colors that this part of the country has to offer.

8. Virginia Beach!!! We were able to put our toes in the water ...the ATLANTIC OCEAN water that is!!!!

7. Washington D.C. It has been a dream for Allan and I to one day take our kids to see our nations capital. On our trip there this summer we did that and LOTS more. My favorite highlight..the Vietnam Wall. Very Surreal and mind boggling seeing all the names.

6. Friends!! We have made some amazing friends since coming here. Caitlyn has a group of fellow Army Brats here on post that she goes to school with, Calleya has many BFF's and Colby has a BFF across the street. Allan and I are grateful for the "Army AND LDS" families we have grown to love here...really has been wonderful having so manythings in common.

5. Colby learned to ride a bike without training wheels!

4. Calleya started PRE SCHOOL on post!


2. Colby and Calleya played soccer and Caitlyn is in "Beauty and the Beast" at school.

1. WE ARE TOGETHER AS A FAMILY, and after all is said and done..THAT is the most important thing of all!