Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kindergarten Colby

It amazes me just how much they seem to change overnight when they start school. It has happened again. Colby has become such a big boy, in what seems like overnight. I love seeing him embrace life and loves asking questions...about EVERYTHING!

My Girls!!

Caits and Calleya..my two beautiful, silly, wonderful girls! They are growing up before my eyes. Calleya LOVES Caits, and the feeling is definately mutual. What a cute pair they are. Caitlyn is becoming such the big sister, she is a great helper..and I truly am gonna need it in the coming months. I am such a lucky Mom to get to have two very awesome girls in my life!!

Baby Mine..3 months old!

I cannot believe that he is already three months old. Time is not suppose to fly this fast, especially when he is my last baby. I love this stage. Cwynn is so alert, he'll even turn his head to track where you are. His little smiles warm my heart. He has truly completed our family. I love waking up and hearing his "conversations". He will just start cooing like crazy, trying to let us know his opinion. We are so very blessed by you Cwynn, you make my heart smile! He loves to hear people talk, and calms when you sing to him. Especially Calleya's singing, he loves it. "Baby Mine" from Dumbo is one of his very favorites. ..."rest your head, close to my heart, never to part, baby of mine".

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The need for speed...

It has been years since Allan and I ventured to the Air Show. We used to go every year, and now that we are back in California..here we are!! The MCAS Miramar Airshow is awesome. Colby and Calleya loved it (although Colby freaked out at first!!), it was worth going though. The Blue Angel fly-by's , Harrier exhibition flight, and all of the endless rows of planes to look at and walk through made for a great day!