Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Extra! Extra!..Read all about it!!

On Saturday we went to a Safety Fair in Prescott. Apparently Colby
and Calleya looked cute to the photographer for the local Daily Courier,
because they landed on the front page this week!! They had too much
fun climbing into the trucks. Almost as much as I had taking pics of them.
My little famous kidos. Hehehe.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Enjoyment!!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing the
kids coloring eggs, hunting for treasures, and dressed
up in spring colors for church. This year was no different.
We spent Saturday designing our eggs , did I mention it
actually SNOWED that morning. Being from California, that
was something we DEFINATELY did not expect.
The kids had a great time following clues left by E.B to help
them locate their missing baskets so they could hunt for
treats. Although it wasn't much of a surprise hunt for Colby
as he was up waaay too early announcing that he had already
been out in the living room and described the location of lots of
special treats. Such the boy!!!
It was a very different Sunday, as we enjoyed our time together
in the morning, and at church, sadly Daddy was required to work
that evening. We are just grateful that we were able to spend time
together as a family beforehand...which made the holiday special!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Super Hero Night!

Dash? Nope it's COLBY!!

Meeting the Incredibles was Priceless for Calleya!

The crew: Zach Craner, Colby, Calleya, Daniel Craner, Caitlyn

I discovered a site called MomCentral a few months back. Little
did I know that this was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
We had heard that Disney On Ice was coming to Phoenix, and REALLY
wanted to go. Well, a call came from MomCentral asking me if I would like
to be a part of their abassador program to spread the word about the event,
in exchange my family would get tickets to opening night, a meet and greet
before hand with characters, and dinner. Um...HECK YES.
We arrived at the USAirways Center on Thursday ready to go.
The kids didn't know until we got there,and were sooo excited!
We had a fun dinner of hot dogs and chips inthe Toyota Lounge, and a
special visit from The Incredibles. Calleya has PJ's from them that
she calls her "super hero jammies". She squealed when she
saw them."'s the super heroes!!" She actually was the 2nd kiddo in line to
see them and she ran up and gave them HUGE hugs!!
After the meet and greet, we got ready to leave. We had been talking to the
promotions person in charge, and she gave ALL of the kiddos a giftbag
full of goodies(supposed to be ONE PER FAMILY).It was full of things from
the show, and the kids were thrilled (and so was my wallet). The show was amazing,
and we had a great time. The best part: the next morning Colby said, after learning
another show was that morning "Okay, let's get Daniel Mom, we GOTTA GO!!!"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feeling Preggie

So I have been really kinda blah the past few days. I had a hard time with the passing of my Grandma, however I know she is at peace and that comforts me. Today I realized that I am just feeling "preggie". No other word for it. Sleep is crazy, and this little guy kicks (hard) quite a bit more now! Calleya is very cute. She is Mommy's caregiver. If I cough, she is right there making sure I have a drink of water. She is also the one who sits near me during a run to the bathroom. She pats my back and says, "It's okay Mommy, the throwup will be gone soon." How sweet is that. I can't imagine how she will be when the baby finally gets here. THAT should be interesting. I can't believe I am 24 weeks today. Almost to the last trimester...too weird, this has really gone by faster than I expected. We are in the process of choosing a day for our planned c-section (somewhere in the 38th-39th week). We will see how generous my doctor will be...Allan wants July 10th. For now, I will just get through my preggie times. This too shall pass. Hehehe.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tacos, Tears, and Eternal Families

My beautiful, wonderful Grandma, Grace Blazian passed away this morning. She had suffered a fatal stroke yesturday afternoon, and passed peacefully from this life, holding her eternal companions hand. My Grandpa said that in the moment before she passed, her left eye overflowed and tears ran down her cheeks. He said he felt such an overwhelming sense of the love she had for him, and her extended family. I am heartbroken, and find myself wiping tears from my cheeks. She was a sweet, dear person who cherished her family. She could always be counted on to send a handwritten personal note on various occassions throughout the year. She never overlooked a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. She made you feel as though you were her favorite. I will miss our long talks, birthday shopping trips, and most of all I will miss her. She was my favorite person to sit next to in Sacrament meetings when I would make a visit ...we never stopped giggling, or eating her stash of tic -tacs. I will forever cherish the beautiful blankets that she made for each of my babies. And her newest great- grandson will be blessed swaddled in the white crocheted blanket she made for me on the birth of my first child...and has been used every special day since.
When my brother and I were young, she talked to us about death. Not as a scary, awful thing, but a beautiful experience that she looked forward to. She eased our fears by telling us that we were going to make a Taco Stand in Heaven, and the first one there would get it ready for everyone else. I know that she is there, setting up shop, happy and healthy. I can see her smile, and it warms my heart, for she is free of the ailments that the body in this life held her captive in. I am so grateful for the plan of eternal families. That I will be able to one day be reunited with my Grandma. Of all the things that struck me as my heart broke over her loss, I had the strongest feeling that she is in Heaven, holding the two beautiful babies that we lost, telling them stories of their Mom, and making them giggle. Oh what a sweet comfort that is. I look forward to the day my son is born...for I know that my Grandma will be there, with her arm around me letting me know all is well. May Heavenly Father keep her in his loving arms, until we meet again.