Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feeling Preggie

So I have been really kinda blah the past few days. I had a hard time with the passing of my Grandma, however I know she is at peace and that comforts me. Today I realized that I am just feeling "preggie". No other word for it. Sleep is crazy, and this little guy kicks (hard) quite a bit more now! Calleya is very cute. She is Mommy's caregiver. If I cough, she is right there making sure I have a drink of water. She is also the one who sits near me during a run to the bathroom. She pats my back and says, "It's okay Mommy, the throwup will be gone soon." How sweet is that. I can't imagine how she will be when the baby finally gets here. THAT should be interesting. I can't believe I am 24 weeks today. Almost to the last trimester...too weird, this has really gone by faster than I expected. We are in the process of choosing a day for our planned c-section (somewhere in the 38th-39th week). We will see how generous my doctor will be...Allan wants July 10th. For now, I will just get through my preggie times. This too shall pass. Hehehe.

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