Monday, March 29, 2010


Officer Candidate Hartung. Hmmm..has a nice ring to it. Allan started Officer Candidate School on March 1st. He is now in week 5, and going a mile a minute. He loves it! I love the fact that I get calls (if at times VERY brief), text messages, and webcam IM time almost daily. His days are full, and very fast paced. Between the classes (running to and from), chow (literally 5 minutes to eat as much as you can), Ruck Marches (he just completed a 7 mile one last week), 0500 PT (release runs..a 5 mile coming up this week), combatives, and the weekend service projects...he has been a bit busy, to say the least. I am so very proud of my soldier and the hard work he is putting in for his career and our family!


AB said...

Love the ringing the bell pic! Go, team Hartung!

Mrs.EBG said...

I'm sure Allan is just loving the go, go, go! Glad he's doing so well. We miss you and all vote that you get your bums here for Easter! :) I have two houses for the month of April if that entices you any!!