Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twilight Baby Shower

Here are (finally) some pics from my Twilight baby shower. I will have to upload the ones I have of the cake and decor, Niki and Dawn out did themselves on that!! Little Cwynn is going to be one well dressed (and environmentally booty friendly--thanks to Julie and the organic huggies), stylin' baby! It was a great day, and I loved being able to hang out with the girls, and be surrounded by twilight too!!


Mrs.EBG said...

What a fun shower it was! LOVE the little onesie you're holding... someone uber cool must have given it to you! ;)

AB said...

Still sad I missed it!

Amy H said...

Don't worry AB, he'll be here before you know it..and you'll get lots of time to spoil him rotten. LOL