Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bump Watch Update!!!

I had a visit with the ultrasound tech yesturday to see why I was measuring bigger. looks like Cwynn is a happy guy. He is not only happy and healthy, but already weighing 5 lbs 7oz....and I have 5 weeks to go!!! My OB said I am measuring at about 35 weeks, instead of 33, but that doesn't change the planned c-section date unless I go into labor. Seeing as that is NOT a part of my game plan, we are preparing for a big boy. ( all of mine have been over I am not worried, they think between 8-9). We also have a bit more than average fluid making little one comfy, so I get to deal with the fact that NOTHING is going to fit at this point. Hehehe. We are getting very excited. The kiddos are having fun watching my tummy move with every kick and stretch. Cwynn is getting ready to join our family, and we couldn't be happier to see him!!


Mrs.EBG said...

Yaay! We can't wait to see baby Cwynn! How exciting that you have a date! :)

AB said...

I told you it was nothing to worry about! All mine have been over 9 - join my club!