Monday, March 23, 2009

2nd Times a Charm...

So, this Wednesday we will be trying once again to see if baby #4 would like to reveal a little more than a booty shot to us. We are excited to have another opportunity to try and discover more about this little one.

All of the kiddos have definate opinions about what they think it will be...
Caitlyn:" It's gonna be a boy Mom.It's not what I want, I'm just saying what I think it is."
Colby:" BOY!! Because I like a boy, and he won't mess things up like Calleya does."
Calleya:" I want it to be a GRIL MOM! I think the baby is a GRIL!!"

I just want to know EITHER way. I am tired of looking at white, yellow and pale green things. LOL. C'mon, pink or me the baby!!!

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Mrs.EBG said...

A little modesty never hurt anyone! You'll know soon enough what you're having... and feel free to start buying pink-- afterall real men wear pink!! ;)