Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Into the Woods..

Caitlyn rocked her performance as the witch in her
school's presentation of "Into the Woods". She was VERY into character. Allan and I were shocked at how she was so animated and immersed in the play. Bravo Caitlyn, we get the 1st autograph!!


4riddles said...

You changed your background from this morning!
BTW..Thank you for not getting one of the creepy baby trackers. You picked the cutest one out there.

Mrs.EBG said...

I'm sad that I missed Cait's performance! I'm sure she rocked though!!
I'm glad my work is being noticed on your blog, too! :)

AB said...

Shocked, really? She has always been a star, but we DO wish we could have been there for her big debut on stage.

Love you, Caits!

Lisa said...

Im so glad you are blogging! I will send you an invite to our blog if you dont have one yet. Just let me know if you can get on ours because its private.

Your kiddos have gotten so big! Congrats on baby #4! Not to scare you but it took 4 ultrasounds before we found out Davis was a boy! We were so frustrated and I was almost 30 wks along!

Good luck!