Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hartung Family Battle of the Sexes: FINAL SCORE

It's a BOY!!! Our Ultrasound revealed a very cute little boy (goodness, he only weighs a bit over 1lb. at the moment). I am so excited to actually know the gender. Although, I was still in the middle of my ultrasound, while a very excited Allan was calling EVERYONE. (He even called MY MOM.) Not sure who is more excited.It is truly amazing! The kids are all happy, and Calleya now talks to her brother via Mommy's is VERY cute!!!

As for a name: Cwynn Edward Hartung

DISCLAIMER: Okay. We DID NOT choose the middle name after the Twilight Series. I know, everyone is having a hard time believing it. This is actually my Dad's middle name. Maybe bad timing to choose it, but it is what it is. LOL.


Mrs.EBG said...

A boy!! How exciting!! We are all very excited to see MR. Cwyinn! And don't try to lie- we all know you are using Edward because of Twilight! Dad's middle name is John... nice try! ;)

simply kris said...

amy, this is so cool! I am very happy for all of you.

Amy H said...

Nice Autumn..way to blow my cover. LOL

Shannon said...

Yeah! You finally know what to buy for the shy little guy! :)