Friday, August 14, 2009

First day of school!

School is here, again, and I have not one but TWO in school this year.Caitlyn has started in 7th grade, while Colby is in KINDERGARTEN!! They both looked so much more grown up on the first day..especially Colby. I cannot believe he is in shool already. He love his teacher Mrs. Roberts, and is waaay excited that his BFF Daniel Craner is in the same class. I guess things cannot get better than that. LOL. As for Caits, she is skipping a year of math and advancing to pre-algebra this year. For a mom that never even liked math..I am amazed that she is doing this..obviously didn't get that from me. Hehehe. Calleya was happy to accompany them both on their first day, however she was not happy when she couldn't have her own desk in Colby's class. She wore her backpack proudly though, and missed her brother and sister the entire day!!!

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