Friday, August 14, 2009

In the ARMY now

On August 5th, Allan met with a review board for entry into Officer Candidate School, his final step. That afternoon, at 3:55pm, he was sworn into the United States Army as a OCS candidate..he made it!! Being able to be there to see him make this step, was amazing. He ships out to bootcamp on November 16th, for 9 weeks at Fort Sill in South Carolina. Then it is off to Fort Benning, Georgia on March 1st for another 14 weeks of OCS. In total he will be away from us for 6 months. We are excited, scared, and a little hesitant about the changes yet to come. I am extremely proud of him, and the decision he has made.I love him for stepping up and finding a way to provide for his family, and serve his country in the same breath. I am an ARMY wife..and I couldn't be happier for my man in uniform.

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