Friday, August 28, 2009

Turning 36!

Every year we make a big deal out of birthdays..or try to. This year Allan and I were not blessed with an abundance on our birthdays..needless to say we were FLAT BROKE. Not a matter to stop the power of three (my great kiddos Caitlyn, Colby and Calleya). While Allan and I ran from OB appointments to grocery shopping (exciting stuff, I know!). Caitlyn spearheaded a campaign to surprise Daddy. What they lacked in decorations..they made up for in creativity. They cut 36 pendant style flags out and numbered them 1-36, adding cute saying and designs to each. They then hung them from the front door to the living room, ADORABLE!! The best part of course..their cake. They frosted a german chocolate cake and put 36 marischinocherries around it, a nascar (Tony Stewart, of course) on top. Along with a big plastic bug (the ones he is always hiding to scare them with), and a little green army man. My favorite part..grey candles that spelled out "LOVE" I didn't realize these were the only letters they found from the "Over the Hill" set I had used one year. EXCELLENT choice of words..Daddy LOVED every single bit of his birthday surprises!

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AB said...

Your kids are great, but then they learned from the best.